Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ojiyama Park, Sasayama

Last Sunday I drove my Mother-in-law up to Sasayama so she could meet and have lunch with some of her friends. Sasayama is the first big town outside of the Kobe-Osaka-Kyoto metropolitan area on the JR Fukuchiyama line. As my Mother-in-law had lunch at Sasayama-so, a combination hotel, onsen and restaurant, I took a quick bath (of course) and then took some photos. Here are some photos of the Ojiyama park which Sasayama-so is located in.

11.08 Ojiyama Park - Sasayama1
A picnic table.

11.08 Ojiyama Park - Sasayama2
The trees are starting to change.

11.08 Ojiyama Park - Sasayama3
Be careful with fire says the chipmunk.

11.08 Ojiyama Park - Sasayama4
Torii leading up to a jinja.

11.08 Ojiyama Park - Sasayama5
Another view of the torii.

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