Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Dono (ドーノ) - Kansai Restaurant Review

06.25 Dono-Sasayama-3
The spicy sausage pizza at Dono

A pizza, the right size, the right toppings, an excellent crust, reasonable price... in the middle of nowhere.

I have no clue how my sister-in-law found this place. I don't know how anyone finds this place for that matter. Up in the hills way past the last reaches of Kobe's immense Kita ward in the Konda area of Sasayama hides this little pizza restaurant. No public transportation to this one. You need a car. If you can get out here you'll also need a reservation--it's that good. Oh! and it's only open for lunch on the weekdays. Weekends they do dinner, but only till 8 PM.

06.25 Dono-Sasayama-2
Margarita pizza at Dono

What are you coming for? A great hand made pizza cooked in a special oven on the first floor of the owners house. The pizzas range from ¥1,000 to ¥1,300. The set menu adds salads, drinks, appetizers, and desserts to the meal. The simple, yet appetizing, set salad was great. For those who don't like pizza, pasta is also served. The idea here is to come with some friends and everyone orders a different pizza or pasta so you can taste it all.

06.25 Dono-Sasayama-1
The appetizer at Dono

I really enjoyed the basic margarita pizza, but the spicy sausage was amazing. The great earthy spice that was generously dusted on top of the cheese and sausage really made it a treat. I was also afraid that the sizes would be too small for me--a problem with many Japanese pizza places. Here it was not the case, each pie was about 10 inches and filling.

06.25 Dono-Sasayama-4
The dessert at Dono

Besides it's location, it's hours, and how busy the shop can become, the only downside was the pretty, but simple dessert. If you make it out there, and I think you should, stop by and check out the local pottery at Sue-no-sato 陶の里 just down the road.

Funny side note, my sister in law made the reservation by phone and when we arrived the waitress gave her ¥50 in an envelope to make up for the cost of the phone call to make the reservation. Very Japanese.

Tuesday-Friday 11:00-15:00 (14:30 lo)
Saturday and Sunday 11:00-20:00 (19:30 lo)

Phone: 079-597-3716

Address: 兵庫県篠山市今田町釜屋629


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Tornadoes28 said...

Those pizza's look good.

angryparsnip said...

so jealous. . . this looks so yummy!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great restaurant, shame it isn't so easily accessible otherwise I could have gone next week (I'll be staying in Osaka for a week). Anyway, might hit this place up when I become a 留学生

David said...

If you're spending your first week in Osaka you don't need to hit up this place, there's so much more to do without having to set foot in Sanda or Sasayama.

What program will you be studying with? 関西学院? 甲南大学?

Anonymous said...

My university has a partnership with 関西外大, is that the same as 関西学院? I'm actually rather interested in going to 同志社 in Kyoto though. I visited the campus a few days ago and it was really awesome (I just got back to Tokyo today).

David said...

Na, Gaidai is different. Don't worry you'll have a great time no matter what school you're at.