Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cassoulet de Chango (The reason I miss my oven)

Ovens are not normal kitchen equipment in Japan. Chorizo is also something I can't find in Japan... well not the kind that I like. I had to make this while I'm here in Tucson and I'm putting the recipe here for all to see.

05.21 Tucson-5
-Cassoulet de Chango
2 tins of great northern beans
1 can of veggie broth
1lb of chorizo
3 small white onions - chopped
Crushed garlic
1/4 a bottle of red wine
2/3 of a package of fresh sage - chopped

-Bread Topping
one baguette
crushed garlic
olive oil
Cook the onions, some garlic, and meat first. Once the onions are nice and clear and the meat cooked add the rest of the stuff. Simmer down. Not too wet, but don't over do it. Grill the bread in olive oil and garlic. Transfer the mix into a casserole dish, top with the grilled bread and sprinkle some sage on top. Put into the oven on low (275-350F) for a few hours (more than 2 would be best).
Whole artichokes are also rare in Japan. You can find the artichoke hearts in a jar, but not the real thing. This was Yuko's first time to eat a one. She loved it and wondered why you can't get them in Japan. I got 4 for $5 at a local supermarket, which I thought was a super deal.カスレ

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