Saturday, September 20, 2008

Accident on the Hankyu Koyo Line

HankyuAccident-1, originally uploaded by sleepytako.

Saturday morning around 11:30 I woke up to a helicopter flying over my house. A rare thing in Japan. Turns out that there was a train accident at Koyoen Station near my house. It appears to me that the train was coming into Koyoen Station and car in the rear jumped the track at the switch. The newspaper article does not mention any injuries.

Hankyu has set up a bus service between Shukugawa and Koyoen stations. Anyone else who wants to come to Koyoen from Osaka or Kobe might also consider taking the Hanshin train to Nishinomiya station and take the bus.

Derailment is 脱線 (だっせん) in Japanese.

This story from the Kobe Shimbun.





Gayle said...

ohhhhhhh, cute little train has a boo boo.... love the outfits and yellow hats, glad no one was hurt...

McAlpine said...

Nice. I love trains. You were lucky to have your camera that day.