Thursday, August 14, 2008

Booze Vending Machine

BoozeVendingMachine, originally uploaded by sleepytako.

This is love. It is a machine and it gives love in 100 yen and 300 yen doses. The cups are free, but the love is endless--as long as you have 100 yen coins. This is perhaps the best vending machine in Japan. Yes, I know what you are thinking what about that mythological underwear vending machine somewhere in Tokyo yea yea.. this beats it in so many ways. This machine give you love in the form of local Ishikawa pref. sake (aka nihonshu).

This vending machine is located in the omiyage-kan (the hall of local gifts to bring to your friends back home) of Kanzawa station. You insert 100 yen for the top row, or 300 yen for the bottom row. Make sure you pay attention to which side you put the money in however, top row (the 100 yen stuff) is the right side, bottom row (the 300 yen stuff) is the left side. You have to put the cup into the machine yourself. I don't want you to pour that liquid love down the drain after you've so painstakingly chosen by selecting the label intrigues you the most. (That's how I choose them!)

Kanazawa is a really cool town with a ton of amazing places to see (I think I've posted about it before) and if you go there make sure that you enjoy the booze vending machine!


Chris said...

That is awesome. Have you gained weight?

Gayle said...

as I read your post "white Snake" played in the back ground.....