Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Propaganda Chips


Chips bought at Incheon Int'l Airport, Korea. Do these chips have a picture of the Liancourt Rocks / Dokdo / Takejima on them? Mildly unbelievable. Bringing international disputes to the public on this populist manner reminds me of the stupidity of "Freedom Fries" during the buildup to the Iraq War. Arguments are made black and white and pushed onto the young because the vagaries of the gray area are harmful to the group publishing such propaganda.

No good can come from an international dispute that's fought on a battlefield of video games and potato chips. Well some good can come from it, those chips were pretty tasty.

1 comment:

flyingparsnip said...

hey any dispute you can handle on a video is good for me....
and I loved Freedom Fries, so "crazy American" at our weirdest . Plus fries are not French but really yummy what ever you call them and we keep eating them no matter how many heart attacks we have. I use to love the really old Mc Donalds fries that were made before they had to change the oil recipe. OMG so good !