Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Chips & Salsa... Konbini Style

IMG 3972
Every-time the chips and salsa box pops up at the konbini I have to buy it. It's inevitable. Mexican food is a rarity in Japan, and typically I end up making it my self. It's not that you can't get salsa, it's just harder to find. Chips even harder. This is actually quite a good little snack, but it's a great example of packing and preparation complexity that makes the little things in this country quite fun.

IMG 3973
Step 1: Open top. Remove salsa and chip packets.

IMG 3975
Step 2: Following the directions on the chip packet, open chips and salsa packets. Empty contents into their given places in the tray.

IMG 3976
Step 3: Consume by scooping the tomato salsa using a chip.

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