Wednesday, July 04, 2007

little people, rivers, and wood

When I first went to college I studied art and photography. For a short time I even had a darkroom setup in my basement. That didn't last long as my interests moved to geography. I continued to paint on and off until I moved to Japan where I lack the equipment and time. Before this blog I had a website with my portfolio on it. I uploaded those images the portfolio collection on my flickr account and you are welcome to check them out here.

The themes of my paintings where either abstractions of the landscape,

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or my little character who was a representation of myself who eventually evolved into various monsters who symbolized the way I would worry about things.

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My photography was more about experimenting with the photographic processes, something that still amazes me. Getting the perfect print was never important to me. Photography in general was too much about perfection and realism----I wanted my photographs to be unrealistic as possible.


I hope you like my artwork.

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