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Even more photos. These from a few weeks ago when I went to Akashi to get my being the process of getting my Japanese drivers license. Well, I was denied because I didn’t have the correct paper work, opps. Still working on that. Anyhow, I used the opportunity to hit up another onsen down in that part of Hyogo as going there on a whim is prohibitively expensive. The place I found was Ebisu onsen in a neighborhood of factories, old housing projects, and new single family houses. There were many things about the Japanese landscape that stood out to me on this walk. I’ll point out a few. The onsen was one of the most amazing I’ve been to. The outdoor bath was mineral rich and completely amazing. The owner even gave me a free bathtowel when I told her about my hobby of going to onsen and collecting the towels. I’ll be going back there eventually.

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恵美寿湯 湧昇の湯


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The houses next to the factory place laundry poles and potted plants next to the wall making use of the space and breaking up the monotony of a solid wall.

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Many houses have a few potted plants out front, this family has one of the largest, if not the largest, collection of plants I've seen in front of one house.

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The garbage behind some sort of machinist workshop.

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How cool is that.
I would love to be looking through the stuff behind the machinist shop.