Sunday, August 20, 2006

New Apartment / 新しアパート

Blah! Since my last post I’ve been kinda sick and really busy. Well I know which classes I’ll be teaching (well about 80% sure.) I’m pretty happy about my classes.

And... Yay... I moved into my own apartment a 10 minute walk to my job. No more 40 minute or so commute. The apartment is HUGE I was amazed. I thought it would be more like my friends palaces in Nishinomiya, but no. It’s almost too big. I love it, I’m like equal walking distance from a CoCo curry, an Osho(王将), a 105円 kaiten sushi, and a porn book and video store. Could life get any better I ask?

IMG 8636
Oh it can---Meat:safety.

Oh and I saw a guy in front of the Japan (a Family Dollar/Pick-n-Save like discount store) today who while waiting for the drink machine to pour his soda walked across the parking lot, to take a quick piss on the bush next to the curb. This, I might add, was in plain view of not only me but two kids waiting at the bus stop and at like 11:30 in the morning. Glory.
Anyhow here's a few photos I took riding around Sanda and of my new apartment. I hope you like them.
I’ll have a few things to say about my little one night trip out to Fukui sometime soon.


HikaruClaire said...

Hello! I found your site through EVO on mixi. I will be going to Japan soon to study abroad at Waseda Daigaku in Tokyo. your pictures of japan offer an interesting perspective. i want to become a teacher too, somaybe someday i can see the more rural parts of Japan as well...

Good luck in your new apartment!

Hannah is GofeetGo said...

YOUR BIKE IS a DIVA! Good score. I like the old clunky-good fenders. (I need fenders bad) Also the pouch + rack is old scool! Its like 80 times the functionalbility your Tucson bike, but simalar in Dave-appeal.Yay! Ride on!

Anonymous said...

Your apartment looks great you are so lucky.... take some more pictures so we can see more of the area around your apartment and school. the layout of the river is the same of all the other rivers in the cities, I know they get lots of use on weekends but that design must work well for them. looks like the ones in kobe/osaka we went over. Love the bike....