Monday, May 15, 2006

Earthquake in Wakayama city

There was just an earthquake. It was a level 1 on the Japanese scale around my area, but it was centered around where I might get a job in Wakayama.

Here’s the information from the JMA earthquake page
Earthquake Information (Information about Seismic Intensity at each site) Issued at 01:48 JST 15 May 2006 Occurred at (JST) Latitude (degree) Longitude (degree) Depth Magnitude Region Name 01:42 JST 15 May 2006 34.2N 135.2E 10km 4.5 WAKAYAMAHOKUBU

It felt like a quick little bump, like a hard gust of wind hitting a sitting car. I don’t think it even woke up my host Mom. I was awake however and turned on the TV in the other room to see the notice that’s flashed on the top of the screen every time an earthquake occurs anywhere in Japan. A news blurb on the hour showed video footage from a live camera in Wakayama, looked like they got some good shaking--but not like any damage. So I’m going to bed now.

Edit: I asked my host Mom if she felt the earthquake and she said she didnt't. She really is a sound sleeper, no wonder I haven't woken her up coming home late at night!

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